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The Wholesome Way

What makes Wholesome Food People any different from other Food & Beverage Distributors? It's simple really. We co-invest in the success of your brand.

Great Brands Need Help Too!

Let's start with a hypothetical scenario.

You have a fantastic product and you want to open up your export markets. You do your research and figure out that Asia's a great large market. You want to build brand differentiation and you know that you have a premium product that customers will love. You know you need to find partners throughout the supply chain to import, market and distribute your products. You find consultants, you go to trade shows, exhibitions, study trips. You meet existing F&B distributors. You talk and discuss partnerships.

Potential Distributors ask for large subsidized marketing budgets, 75% trade margins, below MOQ volumes, trial tests, exclusivity, long term contracts. Your potential partner tells you all the risks involved with carrying inventory. All fair really. Why should they believe that your brand will succeed?

You worry about trade margins, long term contracts, exclusivity. Marketing budget? What Marketing budget? Why isn't the Distributor investing in my great brand? Who is this Distributor anyway? Why lock yourself up? You test the relationship, test the partnership.

Negotiations take months. Maybe years. Your plan to enter Asia was to enter in 3 months. It's been 9. You grow impatient. You try the relationship anyway. Sales in the beginning was slow. The marketing budget has emptied. You earn 25% margins while your distributor earns 45%. You ask your distributor to increase marketing, sales efforts, promotions. Nothing seems to work. You've wasted products, money, time. And this is only one country.

Sounds familiar? Great, because you are exactly the brand owners who we are looking for!

Here at WFP, we believe in sharing the same mission as our brand partners. And this is impossible with the traditional distributor-brand owner model.

Introducing, the WFP way.

With the WFP way, you set your own prices, you bring in as much products as you want, you decide promotional margins, marketing spend. You decide how happy you want your customers to be and set the path of your brand's long term success while reaping the full rewards. All we do is manage all that for you. Think of us as your trusty arms and legs. At the same time, we give you advice and feedback from the ground, how customers react, respond, purchase, share, advocate. And you can be miles away without worrying about food safety, logistics, fulfilment, marketing and customer service.

Our fees? You'll be surprised how so much can be done with so little.

So what are you waiting for? Come talk to us and we'll be happy to launch your brands into Asia, like you've never done before.

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